Unbeatable performance at sub 3 GHz

There are other radio links that operate below 3 GHz. However, the Aprisa XE is often chosen to replace such radios that have not performed to expectations in the field

Other radios just don’t perform

Advantages of the Aprisa XE

  • Experience interference from other radio sources
  • Lose the signal due to adverse weather conditions
    Cannot reach locations where there is no line-of-sight path
  • Fail to reach the distance required
  • Are not sufficiently reliable, particularly in mission-critical applications or where the site is inaccessible
  • Do not provide carrier-class availability
  • Immune to interference
  • Successfully makes links despite even the most challenging environmental conditions
  • Copes with obstacles, over-water paths, and complex terrains
  • Reaches distances in excess of 200 km (120 miles) with a single hop
  • Provides unbeatable reliability
  • Delivers ‘five nines’ availability

Learn more about the advantages of choosing the Aprisa XE.

Need help planning your sub 3 GHz radio links?

Our systems engineering team are experts at path planning even the most challenging radio paths, to achieve maximum capacity, link availability and distance.

Aprisa XE Technical Paper - Advantages of sub 3 GHz transmission English


Download | 457.64 k ( .pdf )

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