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The versatility of our products means that we are active in all types of industries and for various applications, from remote monitoring and video surveillance, to backhauling mobile radio, private networks and fixed wireless or mobile networks.

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  • Oil, Gas and Mining
    • Point-to-multipoint SCADA networks
    • Offshore point-to-point broadband data connectivity
    • Mobile radio and voice network backhaul
  • Utility
    • Point-to-multipoint SCADA networks
    • Point-to-point telemetry, teleprotection and signaling
    • Voice, mobile radio and LAN backhaul
  • Public Safety and Military
    • Mission-critical communications to central command
    • Private networks and mobile radio backhaul
    • E-mail, fax, telephone network transmission
  • Transport
    • Signalling, monitoring and control, ticketing data transmission
    • Mobile radio network backhaul
    • Telephony, fax, IP data transmission
  • Enterprise and Government
    • Private linking between two locations
    • Hospital, university, school and campus connectivity
    • WiFi, video, and data transmission
  • Telecom operators
    • Rural broadband and DSL extension
    • Fixed wireless access, WiMAX, mobile cellular backhaul
    • VSAT and high frequency microwave link replacement

Isn’t it time you chose the Aprisa …?

Many of our customers are using the Aprisa XE to migrate from existing equipment that is outdated and no longer supported, to bypass existing over-used network infrastructure, or to gain control of their own network and eliminate high operational costs.

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