The advantages of choosing the Aprisa XE

The Aprisa XE is performance-engineered to provide maximum link availablity, capacity and reliability over long distance paths.

  • Long distances

    Covers long distances, in excess of 200 km (120 miles) with a single link, ideal for rural, remote and offshore applications.

  • Challenging links

    Makes even the most challenging links possible, overcoming all types of deployment problems and harsh environmental conditions.

  • Cost-effective

    Cost effective with a low cost of ownership and rapid return on investment the Aprisa XE requries minimal infrastructure and lightweight antennas, and is easy to deploy and maintain.

  • Single box architecture

    Combines voice, data and IP interfaces in a single box, with built-in multiplexer and cross-connect.

  • High capacity

    Provides high capacity, up to 65.4 Mbit/s, with carrier-class availbility and low latency.

  • Unbeatable reliability

    Delivers unbeatable reliability in even the harshest of environments.

Isn’t it time you chose the Aprisa …?

Many of our customers are using the Aprisa XE to migrate from existing equipment that is outdated and no longer supported, to bypass existing over-used network infrastructure, or to gain control of their own network and eliminate high operational costs.

Learn more about why customers throughout the world choose the Aprisa.