Fixed Line Telecoms

Cost effective rural and long distance network expansion developing a realistic, sustainable business case for rural and remote connectivity is not easy, with many options proving technically or commercially unfeasible over the long distances involved.

This makes it impossible to extend profitable always-on network coverage to remote businesses, low density and suburban environments. For telecoms operators to be able to serve these communities, a flexible, high performing multi-service platform is a must, to cost-effectively backhaul traffic from rural sites.

Choose the Aprisa XE

  • High capacity, enabling a complete rural community to be served with broadband services with a single, cost effective wireless
  • Long range, despite difficult terrain and adverse weather conditions
  • Carrier-class performance means you can extend QoS guarantees to even the most remote customers

Read our customer case studies to see how customers are using Aprisa to solve their connectivity challenges.


What makes Aprisa the ideal choice for fixed line telecoms?

With its flexible range of voice, data and IP interfaces, the Aprisa XE supports whatever combination of basic PSTN telephony, DSL extension and high-speed Internet connectivity is needed. It is often used to bypass existing infrastructure or replace expensive satellite links, enabling operators to quickly expand network coverage.

Aprisa XE Technical Paper - E1 CAS to DFXS


Download | 225.84 k ( .pdf )

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