Enterprise and Government

Reliable, private, communications for all types of enterprise

Private enterprise, government, hospitals, schools, universities … whether it’s linking between branch offices and head office, connecting multiple buildings in a university or hospital network or backhauling a campus WiFi network, all types of organisations need reliable, cost effective communications equipment.

For private networks, maintaining control and ownership of such infrastructure becomes even more important, removing dependence on leased lines and third party operators.

Choose the Aprisa XE

  • Cost effective with a low total cost of ownership
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Reliable, even for organisations with widely dispersed locations.
  • SNMP-based management ensuring it is easily installed and managed alongside existing
  • IT and communications infrastructure
  • Long range through challenging environmental conditions or round building obstacles

Read our customer case studies to see how customers are using Aprisa to solve their connectivity challenges.

What makes Aprisa the ideal choice for enterprise and government?

Whatever the application, the Aprisa XE’s flexible range of voice, data and IP applications makes it ideal for all types of enterprise applications. Its rapid return on investment minimises capital expenditure and makes the best use of IT budgets.

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