Analogue link, leased line and unlicensed microwave replacement

Many of our customers who already have multiple analogue radio links in place are finding them increasingly unmanageable. They are old and difficult to maintain, spares are hard to find, and vendors are dropping support for this outdated equipment.

Advantages of replacing analogue links with the robust digital Aprisa XE:

  • Improved product and link reliability
  • A high capacity, low latency, long distance link with carrier-class performance
  • A future-proof platform with support for all types of IP, voice and data traffic
  • Access to our network planning and support services
  • Our commitment to continued innovation and product development

Learn more about the advantages of choosing the Aprisa XE.

Leased line replacment

Compared to this option, the Aprisa XE provides our customers with complete ownership and control of their communications network, virtually eliminating operational expenditure.

The minimal overhead of managing the network is by far outweighed by this advantage, and the Aprisa XE can be quickly and easily deployed, with lightweight antennas and minimal site acquisition costs and civil requirements. The Aprisa XE’s performance, with 99.999% availability, makes it a compelling alternative to leased lines.

Unlicensed microwave

Using unlicensed microwave means that you have no control over the levels of interference in your network, and there are no guarantees of link availability or performance.

Power in the unlicensed bands is usually limited, so long distance links are not possible, unlike with the Aprisa XE. Such bands are commonly used by private users, and are not suitable for the majority of commercial operations, particularly mission-critical or public safety applications.