Aprisa XE technology: a superior design, perfectly executed

Our attention to detail means no compromises. Our world-class engineering team uses only the best components, processes and design excellence.

Distance engineering

The Aprisa XE is a highly stable platform, achieving the greatest possible system gain, capacity and distance, without degradation of signal performance. Receiver performance is optimised to mitigate path interference and distortion, maximising link availability. All this performance is packed into a robust chassis that operates reliably despite temperature and environmental extremes.

Sub 3 GHz operation

The Aprisa XE uses only licensed spectrum bands below 3 GHz. These are relatively unaffected by environmental conditions and allow the use of inexpensive, quickly deployed, lightweight antennas.

The result?

The Aprisa XE can successfully make even the most challenging links, without compromising on capacity, distance or link availability. The only limit: the laws of physics!