Quicker deployment. Easier install. Choose the Aprisa XE

The infrastructure requirements of the Aprisa XE are substantially reduced compared to higher frequency microwave systems, mainly due to its use of sub 3 GHz frequency bands.

  • Yagi and lightweight grid antennas make deployment easy
  • No need for expensive mounting towers
  • Minimal maintenance required

These bands allow a good selection of antenna types, grids, corner reflectors and Yagi styles while the need for expensive heavy duty antenna supports is often eliminated.

Inexpensive and lightweight Yagi or grid antennas also greatly reduce the wind loading and turning force the antenna is subjected to. Expensive towers can be replaced by cheaper pole mounts or guyed masts, and site acquisition can be much simpler and quicker. Also, because there is no need for an outdoor unit accompanying the antenna, maintenance costs are substantially reduced, further lowering the overall operational cost of your network