Smart operation: Your network. You’re in charge

All networks are different. The Aprisa SR family takes account of this by enabling you to configure a number of detailed parameters to optimise your network, dependent on your network topology.

As well as the general network configurability supported by SuperVisor, you can configure a number of parameters that directly impact network efficiency, including:

  • Channel access mode, Access Request or Listen Before Send
  • Ethernet and serial port priority settings
  • Network filtering and security settings
  • Initial set up specifications pre-configured
  • Flexible, simple mounting options
  • Use of lightweight antennas
  • Local LED display to aid antenna alignment
  • Automatic remote station registration
  • Intuitive ‘point and click’ management software
  • Multiple mechanisms for radio management
  • Easy software upgrade process
  • Integration with third party network managers

The smart operation of the Aprisa SR family extends to its protection options. The Aprisa SR protected station consists of two standard radios and a protection switch, ideal where base station redundancy is needed.

Network planning is another part of the smart operation the Aprisa SR family brings. From optimum site position to choosing antennas, to selecting where repeaters should be used, 4RF can help you plan your optimised, high performing radio network.

A SCADA communications network you can optimise for your individual circumstances? Smart.

Get smart and contact us to find out more about how you could benefit from the Aprisa SR and Aprisa SR+.