Smart management:
Visual diagnostics and intuitive network management

It doesn’t matter how good your radios are if you have no visibility of their performance, or if it is difficult to configure and manage your radios or your network.

The Aprisa SR and Aprisa SR+ incorporate a number of simple, yet smart, features to make it easy to manage your SCADA network, both at an individual radio level and at a complete network level. Detailed network monitoring means that faulty or failed RTUs can be easily identified.

Multiple LEDs provide easy visibility of status and alarm information, together with a test button that enables the display of key parameters such as RSSI. The Aprisa SR+ has LED indicators on each of the serial and Ethernet data ports which indicate the presence of data on the port.

The SuperVisor application supports local element management via IP and remote element management over the air from a PC connected to the Aprisa SR base station. SNMP support allows network-wide monitoring and control via a third party network management system such as Castlerock SNMPc. With the Aprisa MIBs configurations compiled into SNMPc, the management system can be used to visualise, monitor and manage the Aprisa SR network, as well as gathering and displaying performance statistics.

Smart management: smart SCADA.

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