Smart interfaces:
Wide range of traffic and management interfaces

The Aprisa SR family is designed to provide a future-proof SCADA radio solution, as well as making network management as easy as possible. With support for both serial and IP traffic, you can migrate to IP at your own pace.

Incorporating a comprehensive range of interfaces to provide maximum flexibility for communication, configuration and control, you can choose the Aprisa SR product that best meets the needs of your network and applications.

Multiple serial and Ethernet ports enable the simultaneous connection of multiple RTUs and enable management of the radio over-the-air, using the web based GUI, without interrupting user data. Local firmware upgrades and radio configuration can be carried out securely using a USB flash drive.

A dedicated USB management port allows the management and configuration of the radio using a Command Line Interface (CLI).

Aprisa SR interfaces

  • Two Ethernet ports
  • One serial port
  • One Type A USB host port
  • One Type B micro USB management port

Aprisa SR+ interfaces

  • 4 build-configurable ports (2/2, 3/1, 4/0 Ethernet/serial)
  • One Type A USB host port
  • One Type B micro USB management port

Smart interfaces: smart SCADA.

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