Path and Network Planning

Our path planning team offers a comprehensive range of services, tools and templates to help design and deploy even the most challenging radio links.

  • Work with our radio experts to develop a path profile analysis report that will accurately predict link performance
  • Use our propagation calculator, Surveyor, to undertake your own link analysis
  • Download data for the Aprisa XE to use with Pathloss software
  • Use our templates to plan and illustrate your network with Microsoft Visio
  • Use our network implementation and project management services to help get your network up and rhelp get your network up and running

Do you need help planning a radio link? Email our path planning team and we will work with you to assess the viability of your link and predict its performance.

Path planning services

Our path planning team will work with you to help assess the viability of your radio link, and are experts at designing links for even the most challenging conditions, such as round obstacles, over water, or across very long distances.

We will develop a comprehensive path profile report, containing

  • A plot of each individual path profile, detailing the transmission path as it passes over the terrain, including Fresnel zone criteria and important path data
  • A full link budget indicating key transmission system and linking path parameters, including the theoretical availability according to the ITU standard recommendations
  • A summary listing of the main components of the link, including antenna type and mounting heights, feeder type and lengths, Aprisa XE variant, RSSI, fade margin and availability
  • Additional information or observations specific to each path, including potential reflection and multi-path analysis, recommendations on alternate antenna and feeder systems and comparisons with customer-specified systems
  • Recommendations for alternate radio variants or sites if the analysis identifies that proposed solution could be ineffective

Path planning tools

We understand that operating a reliable communication link is about more than just the physical equipment. Understanding the operating conditions is key to getting the best performance. Below are some tools that can help you to do that.

4RF Surveyor

Surveyor is our free path propagation calculator to help path planners assess the viability of point-to-point Aprisa XE links. By entering data and preferences, Surveyor will calculate the anticipated link performance for the different transmission system elements.

Email us to request your free copy of Surveyor

Pathloss Aprisa XE ETSI


Download | 495.37 k ( .zip )

Pathloss is a comprehensive path design tool for links operating in frequencies from 30 MHz to 100 GHz.

Pathloss uses terrain, antenna and microwave radio data to calculate suitable scenarios for microwave linking. 4RF offers Pathloss data files (Pathloss 4.0 mrs) for the Aprisa XE radio. Information on importing these files is in a PDF file contained in the download.

Visio templates


Download | 1.04 M ( .zip )
Network element template for Microsoft Visio

Illustrate your network with clarity and precision using our Aprisa network element template for Microsoft Visio.

For planning or presentation, these templates will help you to quickly create professional network diagrams representing your current or proposed Aprisa network.

Our involvement doesn’t stop when you take delivery of your Aprisa system. We will help you with installation and management to get your network up-and-running.

We’ll help you with:

  • Factory acceptance testing services, to ensure the proposed solution meets or exceeds your operational or qualification requirements
  • Installation and commissioning services to ensure your network is deployed rapidly and problem-free
  • Overseeing internal installation and commissioning activities
  • Network monitoring and management services, from helping you select the right tools through to remotely monitoring your network as required
  • Site acceptance testing
Like us to help?

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