4RF features at Anterix UTC 2023 stand and in Active Ecosystem videos


Anterix is the largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 900 MHz band throughout the contiguous United States, positioned to enable private LTE for support secure and resilient critical infrastructure private networks particularly suitable for grid modernization. 4RF has been a long-term supporter of the Anterix opportunity for utilities and the Aprisa LTE was one of the first approved devices to operate in the spectrum as part of the Anterix Active Ecosystem.

The 4RF Aprisa LTE router was selected by Anterix to feature on their stand at the UTC Telecom & Technology Conference held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Aprisa LTE features substation hardening, a strong level of security with its independently vetted defense in depth approach, and sophisticated suit of IP routing offerings.

4RF has contributed to a number of Anterix ecosystem videos, sharing our support for utility private LTE, including:

Anterix Industry Insights Episode 22: Optimizing Utility Private Wireless Broadband Flexibility

Anterix Catches Up with John Yaldwyn at DISTRIBUTECH International 2023

The 2023 UTC Conference commemorated 75 years of advocacy for US utilities. 4RF is a leading provider of advanced field area network solutions and is actively engaged with many utilities. Through that experience 4RF is able to contribute knowledgably to discussions on field area network technology, both at conference sessions and on the trade show floor. One of the highlights this year was an hour-long session led by Chief Technology Officer, John Yaldwyn.

Addressing an audience of approximately 50 utility representatives, John provided valuable insights into the essential characteristics necessary for LTE end point devices used in electric utility networks. This informative session equipped attendees with the knowledge needed to enhance their network infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.