Maldivian Telecommunications Operator

Aprisa XE delivers always on, over-water connectivity to remote islands

How could a leading telecommunications operator deliver reliable services to tropical island resorts when faced with harsh environmental challenges and rigorous planning constraints? By choosing the Aprisa XE point-to-point microwave radio.

A 4RF customer, a leading Maldivian telecommunications operator, wanted to upgrade and extend its network to include 3G mobile backhaul and Internet access for the resort islands. The main challenge was to provide reliable over-water connectivity to the resorts, despite the area suffering from severe tropical storms. In addition, the island resorts place restrictions on the type and size of the towers and antennas that can be placed on each of the islands due to aesthetic reasons.

Due to the fact that the Aprisa XE uses sub 3 GHz frequencies, small lightweight Yagi antennas could be used, erected with the use of a pole mast. As well as meeting the rigorous planning conditions set out by the Maldivian resorts, this provides great advantages when operating in an environment that is subject to monsoon conditions during the rainy season. The reduced surface area of the equipment required means that the structure itself can withstand greater wind and storm forces than larger antennas and towers.

The Aprisa XE is able to address the difficult radio propagation conditions presented by over-water paths and adverse weather conditions while remaining cost effective and reliable. Despite tidal issues and reflection from the water, the Aprisa XE remains unaffected, with high availability. The operator has successfully increased the capacity of its network without having to fill the Maldives with large unsightly telecom infrastructure. Both residents and tourists alike now benefit from reliable internet access, 3G connectivity and a continuation of service even in harsh monsoon conditions.

Aprisa XE Case Study - Maldivian telco operator English


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