4RF radios operate through earthquake

Wellington, New Zealand -

On 20th Jan 2014 a strong 6.2 earthquake hit the lower North Island of New Zealand. The quake, which struck shortly after 3:50pm, was centered 15km east of Eketahuna at a depth of 33km.

Despite the loss of the local telecoms network and some electricity substations, the Aprisa SR network, deployed in the vicinity of the quake and responsible for monitoring power supplier critical assets, stayed up and running throughout.

The Aprisa SR’s resilience was tested to its limits, but was not found wanting.   Superior RF design guaranteeing quality and quantity of data transmission and a rugged and robust enclosure, coupled with licensed frequency bands and an owner operator network meant that the communications network did not fall over, even when the local cellular network was lost.

The Aprisa range of radios has been specifically designed to take into account harsh conditions, challenging environments, lengthy deployments and dependability required by utilities. Their future-proof features means investment in a communications network that delivers.