Network upgrade while supporting analogue connectivity for Transpower

Transpower New Zealand Ltd had over 13,000 kilometres of transmission lines and 180 substations and switchyards, and maintained a large number of low capacity analogue radio systems to help manage the electricity grid’s performance.

The required network upgrade needed to support an unusual mix of speech and data and include the distribution of IP-based intelligence, while still supporting legacy analogue equipment. With our equipment, Transpower gained efficiency in bandwidth use, increased capacity, and gained operational savings by reducing third party suppliers, spares inventories and maintenance costs.

Aprisa delivers significant value in the form of ongoing operational savings. With the mixed analog voice, data and IP interfaces embedded into the radio platform, Transpower has been able to significantly reduce the equipment required on site, reducing third-party suppliers, spares inventories and maintenance costs.

Kieran Devine, General Manager Service Delivery

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